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Friction Is The Arch-Enemy Of Every Garage Door

December 29, 2021

Your Hudson, MI home’s garage door plays a key role in your home’s safety and structure. Every day, your garage door opens and closes multiple times, and friction between the moving parts may lead to significant garage door problems and malfunctions. Friction is the arch-enemy of every garage door, and you may need prompt garage door repairs if there’s too much friction on critical door parts.

Rust on the Rollers

If your garage door has metal rollers, corrosion may induce friction when the door opens and closes. Exposure to moisture hastens the rusting process. Some of the activities you do in your garage, such as auto maintenance, painting or woodwork, may release chemicals that cause corrosion on the metal rollers. Operating your garage door with corroded rollers may cause shaking or vibration. If the rust eats through the metal, the rollers may be unable to control the door, making prompt garage door repairs essential at the first sign of rusty rollers.

Inadequate Lubrication

Garage door motors and chains need sufficient lubrication for smooth lifting and lowering of the door. If they don’t have enough lubricant, they will experience excessive friction. This friction causes stress on the motor and chain, which may shorten their lifespans. Keeping up with routine garage door maintenance, including lubricating the door’s moving parts, could help you avoid unexpected garage door repairs, explains Energy Star.

Debris in Tracks

When garage doors open or close, some dust and other debris may get into the tracks. Instead of rolling smoothly up and down the tracks, the rollers have to deal with the debris. This debris causes friction between the rollers and track, so the door may be noisy. Debris also causes excessive wear and tear on the rollers. An annual garage door tune-up includes removing debris from the tracks.

For more information about the problems caused by friction with your garage door, take a look at Williams Garage Doors’ garage door repairs, or contact our qualified service technicians today.

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