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Signs Your Garage Door’s Chain Need Replacing

February 26, 2022

Is it time to replace the chain on your Canton, MI home’s garage door? It probably isn’t something that you think about often. However, broken chains are some of the most common garage door repairs performed by technicians. That said, how do you know when the garage door’s chain needs to be replaced? Rust and visible wear are fairly obvious signs that the time has come, but there are also other indications. Let’s take a look at some signs that indicate it’s time to call a garage door specialist to replace the chain.

Loud Noises

Odd noises coming from your garage door is usually a sign that something is wrong. While your garage door can make many odd noises, a few of them are usually related to a chain that’s on its last leg.

When your door is opening, listen for creaking, squealing, and screeching noises. These could be signs that the chain is wearing out. Rather than ignore the sounds that you hear, call someone who specializes in garage door repairs. Not replacing a chain that’s giving way can lead to even more damage and safety risks.

Age of the Chain

Most homeowners don’t know that the chain on a garage door has a life span. Since chain drive garage doors are the most popular, it’s important to know this life span. In general, garage door chains last an average of 10 to 15 years.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of factors to consider, though. For example, the more often you use your garage door, the quicker that the chain will wear out. Likewise, scheduling general maintenance, such as having the chain lubricated, can extend its life.

Trust Williams Garage Doors’ Qualified Service Technicians

Do you think that it’s time to replace the chain on your garage door? If so, give Williams Garage Doors a call. We can send out a qualified service technician to assist with all of your garage door repair needs. Give us a call today to learn more about garage door maintenance so that you can keep your garage door in proper working order.

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