Frequently Asked Questions

Do you replace broken springs on garage doors?
Yes, we do. Most common springs are carried on our service trucks so we can replace them the same day.
If I need a complete new door system, do you offer that?
Yes. We have a wide selection of both garage doors and garage door openers. If you call our office, we will arrange for one of our experts to come to your home to help you select a model and style that suits your home and your budget.
How soon can you get to a service call if my door is not working?
In our primary service area, we can usually have a tech to your home no later than the next day.
Do you service commercial doors?
No we specialize in garage door on residences.
Do you offer garage door openers that are WI-FI ready?
Yes, several models to choose from.
Do I need an insulated garage door even if my garage isn't heated?
One of our insulated garage doors offers many benefits. A finished interior look; stronger construction; quieter operation; reduced street noise; and a warmer garage.
Can I get a door from you that looks like wood?
We offer a variety of doors in a rich wood grain finish.
Are belt drive openers better than chain?
A belt drive garage door opener will often be quieter than a chain drive model and, with our Genie openers, it has a much longer factory warranty.
If my garage has a extra low ceiling are you able to still install a new door?
Yes, we have a variety of options to accommodate special construction applications. Please call our office to have one of our experts come out and access your application.
Do you offer annual tune-ups?
Yes, we do, call our office today to schedule a 25 point safety inspection.
What are the latest design trends in garage doors?
Two things that we are seeing a lot of now are wood grain finish doors and doors in a black finish.
Can the track on my door go higher than normal?
Depending on the construction of your garage, we have several options to increase the track height of your door. One of our garage door experts can come to your home and evaluate the best way to achieve your goals.
Do you sell and install the garage door openers that install on the wall instead of the celling?
Yes, we have what is often called a wall-mount opener available.
Can I get a battery backup with my new garage door opener?
Yes, many models either include a battery back up system or offer it as an option. This allows you to open or close your garage door in the case of a power outage to your home.
It looks like one of the cables along the side of my garage door snapped. How do I fix it?
We always recommend you have a qualified service technician do the repair for you. Since garage doors can be very heavy and the cable is part of the lift system, there will tension on the springs that can be dangerous if not handled properly.

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