annul garage door maintenance in New Hudson, MI

Keeping Up with Annual Maintenance for Your Garage Door

January 28, 2021

Your garage door plays an important role in your safety and security in New Hudson, MI. It’s important to schedule annual garage door maintenance to reduce stress on the garage door’s opener and ensure that the door operates safely. Here’s what the maintenance includes and why it’s important.

Inspect the Garage Door for Problems

Professional garage door maintenance includes a full inspection of the door and its tracks. Service technicians use a level to make sure the tracks are plumb. They’ll also check for balance issues, unusual sounds when the door opens and closes, and what it does when it reaches the ground. Damaged pullies or cables present a safety risk, which is we also inspect those for signs of wear and tear.

Lubricate the Motor

Maintenance inspections also include checking the garage door opener. The motor needs cleaning and lubrication of its moving parts. Your technician will also lubricate the areas between the door’s bearings, hinges, and springs. This reduces the amount of noise the door makes when it opens and closes. The lubricant reduces wear and tear and will help your garage door and its motor last longer.

Test the Safety Sensor

A critical part of garage door maintenance is testing the safety sensor. The safety sensor is a laser eye. If the laser beam is broken, the garage door should not close. All garage doors manufactured since 1991 have been required to have a safety sensor. If your garage door is older than this, consider replacing it. Pets or children can be injured by a door that doesn’t stop if they are in the way. Your vehicle could also be damaged by a malfunctioning garage door.

For more information about why it’s important to keep up with annual maintenance for your garage door, take a look at Williams Garage Doors’ garage door maintenance services, or get in touch with our professional service technicians today.

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