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Three Ways Springtime Storms Affect Garage Doors in Canton, MI

April 1, 2022

Canton, MI, is one of the most beautiful places in the country, but it is subject to storms that can impact not just your daily life, but your garage door, as well. Read on to learn about three ways springtime storms can cause problems for your garage door.

1. Wind Damage

The winds that often accompany springtime storms can blow debris around, which can end up damaging your garage door. More worryingly, strong winds can sometimes knock garage doors down in extreme cases, exposing the items inside to weather damage and other hazards.

To prevent this, some homeowners opt for reinforced door braces that help their garage doors withstand strong winds. If your garage door is older, though, it might be worthwhile to look into getting a new one installed to protect your home and belongings.

2. Flooding and Water Damage

Rain is a normal part of life in Michigan, but with rain can come floods, which can cause water damage to the garage door’s sensors, preventing your door from opening even when it’s dry, and at worst, shorting out and potentially causing fires. Additionally, the time it takes for floods to recede and water to dry can contribute to rust on your door’s metal components, which can weaken them and lead to problems later on down the road. Accumulated humidity might short out the door’s opener or cause corrosion on the door’s track, too.

3. Speed Up Wear and Tear

Wear and tear over the years is normal for any component of your home, which is part of why regular maintenance is important. Repeated changes in weather can speed up the wear-and-tear process, leading to costly replacements and repairs. If you keep up with maintenance, though, you can head off potential problems before they happen and maybe even save money in the long run instead of needing to shell out for full-on replacements.

With springtime fast approaching, now’s the time to have a professional inspect your garage door and make sure it’s in good condition. Call us at Williams Garage Doors or reach out online for garage door repairs, installation, and more in the Canton area.

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